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We'd like to welcome you to one of the oldest and most established OCR and barcode data collection companies

in the Industry! 

'ScanCorporation' has been a known as the OEM leader in Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Barcode and customized data collection processing for more than two decades. Our products and personal customer support are second to none. Whatever your data collection requirements are, we will strive to offer and provide you the best possible products and solutions to meet your specific and unique document processing needs. Contact us today!


Check out the newest additions to our 6110 & 6500 OCR Series line-up!

 Units customized to read only specific type OCR or Barcode fonts which allows

them to be more cost effective and budget friendly.

Also Unique to ScanCorporation...the WIRELESS 8050R Series OCR Scanners!

Wireless, rugged, waterproof  devices customized for one purpose only, OCR and Barcode data collection
From OCR font as small as 4pt to PDF417 type barcode, these devices are awesome and compact!





We can help. Just ask us!

If you're looking for an OCR or Barcode product that will automate the tedious tasks of manual keyboard data input; a product that will integrate with ANY third party software to make scanning documents and data lines easier and more efficient, we can help. ScanCorporation designs, engineers and builds these products to be durable, easy to use, and seamlessly integrate within existing networks and infrastructures worldwide. We offer easy to install and configure USB AND WIRELESS solutions. Please look through our website and contact us with any questions. Even if we can't offer you a product or service, with over 25 years experience in the data collection business, we will get you on the right track. 

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