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OCR and Barcode Data Entry Products

If you need to scan and enter an OCR data line similar to this...0123456789ABCDEFG

 we can help!


6000 Series USB OCR/BARCODE Scanners

Rugged/Industrial style USB Line Readers for scanning numerous

OCR Fonts and supporting most Barcode symbologies

6110A (All supported fonts) - A low profile design Slot scanner with USB interface supporting Microsoft based OCR and barcode font libraries. Using a simple software configuration tool, this Slot version will provide fast accurate scanning of documents with consistent formats.


6110B (barcode/MICR only) - A low profile design Slot/Check scanner with USB interface supporting Barcode and E13B only. Using a simple software configuration tool, this Slot version will provide fast accurate scanning of documents with consistent formats.


6110M (All fonts/3-track mag) - Incorporating all of the features of the 6110A and 6110B, this unit also houses a built-in triple track magnetic reader for scanning credit cards, identification cards, drivers licenses, etc.


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6500A (All supported fonts) - This small footprint USB handheld contact wand scanner supports our line of Microsoft OCR and barcode fonts while still using our simple, advanced and proprietary software. The 6500A model will read ALL supported OCR A&B fonts, most standard 1D barcode fonts, MICR (E13B) fonts, and other fonts such as Arial, Times, Courier and more.


6500B (barcode/MICR only) - This small footprint USB handheld contact wand scanner supports our full line of barcode fonts and E13B libraries while still using our simple, advanced and propietary software configuration software. The 6500B will read most standard 1D supported barcode fonts and the popular banking MICR (E13B) font ONLY.


6500C (OCR Fonts only) - This small footprint USB handheld contact wand scanner supports the popular OCR A&B based fonts while still using our simple, advanced and propietary software configuration software. The 6500C will read OCR A&B type fonts ONLY.


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6500A wand
6500A w/ holder
6110A Slot
6110M aux ports

  8050R Wireless Series Rugged OCR/Barcode Scanners

Advanced OCR/Barcode Line Readers for 7+ standard True Type

OCR Fonts and supporting 10+ Barcode symbologies

8050S USB - An advanced 5" OCR customized scanner connecting to a host via a USB interface. Using a custom, highly advanced and editable software configuration package, these units provide easy and accurate single line-advanced scanning of OCR or barcode documents, invoices, bills, etc. with consistent or varying formats. Ability to read numerous OCR fonts as small as 4pt and as large as 72pt as well as hard to read high-density and PDF417 barcode symbologies.


8051R Rugged Bluetooth All the features of the 8050 OCR scanners except these rugged, waterproof and shock rated units connect to the host via a wireless Bluetooth interface and are also packaged with a Bluetooth dongle for the host computer. A great alternative to high-cost Bluetooth barcode laser scanners while allowing greater mobility and less cable clutter.


8052R Rugged Wi-Fi - All the features of the 8050 OCR scanners except these rugged, waterproof and shock rated units connect to the host via a Wi-Fi interface and utilize the local intranet allowing for the greatest mobility. The only product of it's kind to offer a completely wireless long-range option.

8053R Multi-connect ALL the features of the 8051R & 8052R rugged wireless OCR tablets. This allows the user to choose from whichever wireless interface they desire. Also allows up to 100 OCR scanners to report data simultaneously to a single host. The only product of it's kind available anywhere in the world!


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5000 Series OCR/BARCODE Scanners

OCR Line Readers for True Type Fonts OCR-A and OCR-B
Offering Bar Code and Magnetic Stripe scanning options
5133A - This One-piece design integrates the slot reader and software controller for payment processing. The adjustable read height ranges from 0.2" to 1.0". No need for additional software. The 5133A/01 Carries on the simple one-piece design of the 5133A and adds the optional integrated triple track mag stripe reader.

5233A - This is the tall-slot version of our standard slot reader. Offering the same performance of the 5133A, the adjustable read height range increases to 0.2" to 2.3" to accommodate taller documents with higher than normal scan lines.


5233M - A specially modified version of the 5233A to accommodate documents with a scan line which falls outside the adjustable range of the standard tall-slot. Please call to discuss specific requirements with one of our applications support team.

5033A - A low profile design with a handheld wand scanner allowing access to a variety of document sizes.


5033A/02 - The same low profile design as the 5033A, only equipped with an IR light source in the scanning wand for custom applications.


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5133A slot scanner
5133A side view

1300G Series Laser USB Barcode Scanners

Hyperion 1300g Hand-held Linear-Imaging Scanner

  • Superior Hand-Held Scanning: Increases throughput by offering intuitive and aggressive hand-held scanning performance
  • Highly Versatile: Eliminates the need to purchase specialty scanners by providing the ability to read out to 18 inches (457mm) on 13 mil bar codes, as well as high density bar code reading in a single device
  • Class-Leading Durability: Increases up time and reduces service costs with a reliable design that utilizes no moving parts and full impact resistant bumpers
  • Comfortable, Ergonomic Design: Ensures operator comfort and productivity with a gun-shaped form factor optimized for intensive hand-held scanning
  • Automatic Interface Detection: Supports all popular interfaces in one device, replacing the time consuming process of scanning programming bar codes with automatic interface detection and configuration
  • Remote MasterMind® Scanner Management Software: Provides a quick and convenient solution for IT administrators seeking to manage all scanners within their network from a single remote location



800 series OCR Scanners (retired)

RS232,AT,PS2 OCR/Barcode reader with optional

handheld wand or fixed mount slot reader input device

0833A - The SCAN 800 Series OCR Controller is for companies or individuals who hand type account number information from remittance documents or certified mail slips into a computer (or terminal). The 800 Series scanner scans human readable characters with unparalleled accuracy. Unlike barcode, OCR Controllers scan your existing account number fields with NO changes to present documents!

The 800 Series OCR Controllers help companies shorten lobby lines by speeding up transactions, improve customer service by allowing for "heads-up" processing, avoid repetitive stress injuries by eliminating typing, and prevent costly reconciliation errors from typos with high accuracy scanning.

Available with handheld wand input device or fixed mount slot scanner.


**Click here for a PDF data sheet on this product.'s OCR readers are among the most versatile data entry tools available. With SCANs simple keyboard wedge interface, over-the-counter or back room remittance scanning can now be done with no changes to the host computer's hardware or software! Processing is done inside the SCAN OCR unit or through a custom software suite, allowing it to connect through Windows with or without an existing keyboard and possessing the ability to enter any custom keystrokes via a configuration file or hand-typed data. As a low-cost alternative to manual keyboard data entry, these optical character readers help avoid payment processing delays, human data entry errors, and repetitive stress injuries associated with tedious manual data input. All of our units have the unique ability of parsing (analyzing the data and cutting it into sections) the line scanned and adding multiple automatic keystrokes before or after the data; even omitting parts of the character line or adding words and text to it. NO OTHER PRODUCTS offer the advanced OCR and barcode software support package that accompany each one of our optical scanners. Reaching speeds of over 300 characters per second, SCAN OCR readers utilize state-of-the-art feature extraction and neutral network-based recognition technologies to achieve accuracy rates over 99.99%, or one character misread in 40,000. Compare the different models available and choose the right one for you and your company's needs. 



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*All of our products are designed to function and operate on a Microsoft© based host. Many of them

support most Windows Operating systems including XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 <32 & 64-bit>. Please

contact us with any technical or installation questions you may have.