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Sample OCR and Barcode documents

Listed below, you will find a small sampling of OCR and barcode documents from our various customers. These Industries include, but are not limited to Electric companies, Water and Sewer municipalities, tax collectors, private charities, USPS and private shipping companies, Euro docs, Bank and financial institutions. Using a keyboard-wedge style interface, our products allow for the scanning of OCR or bacode lines of data. This greatly reduces the possibility of error with human keystroke actions and increases efficiency on a large scale. SCAN's products are not basic text readers or full page scanners, nor are they able to capture multiple lines or paragraphs of text at one time. They are, however, advanced  and unique Industrial style OCR and barcode line readers designed to capture the type of data you see located below in the following samples highlighted in yellow. OCR lines are completely customizeable once captured with prefix or suffix text additions, character or symbol adds, deletes or omits, etc. Please contact us if you have any further operational or product questions.